Goodbye to Boomer

Boomer was adopted from us 13 years ago, and had a rich and happy life with a family who adored him. He was spry and frisky right up until the very end, and when he suddenly passed away his mama told us this:

Over 13 years ago, we adopted 2 Bostons from your rescue, named Boomer and Sassy.  We lost our amazing and wonderful Sassy 3 years ago when she was 14 years old.  It broke our hearts into a thousand pieces.  But we still had our Boomer…  Then early this morning, we lost our beloved Boomer.  He would have been 17 years old next month.  We rescued Boomer when he was 4 years old and enjoyed the last 13 years with him.
I write to say how much he was loved and how much we appreciate everything you do for these dogs. Boomer and Sassy were at our wedding, they drove to the top of Mt. Washington with us, they flew on a plane in our laps, they’ve been on boats, visited friends and family in Maine, and even ferry rides to Martha’s Vineyard.  They were our children.  They were our hearts.  They were our everything.
We are brokenhearted now once again over the loss of our sweet, sweet Boomer… But I also felt the need to personally thank you for taking them into your rescue and for giving us our first fur babies.  These dogs were not just pets.  We shared meals together.  We slept in the same bed.  We celebrated birthdays and holidays.  They were part of our family, part of our lives, part of our everything.  We love and miss our Boomer and Sassy desperately.
If it weren’t for you, we would have never met them… SO THANK YOU for all that you do to save these dogs in need.  We are truly brokenhearted but thankful to have had them for so long.  They were pure love.”


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