Goodbye to Brady

Our Brady was adopted as a senior, and was lucky enough to end up in a home with parents who loved him dearly. He passed away suddenly after a seizure, and his father told us this – “Even with his age and health issues he was a perfect companion. He would run after his toys but take a quick break to catch his breath before picking them up and walk back lol. He loved everyone he meet and would not hesitate in offering a wet lick along with always being friendly to other dogs in our complex. I did have to crate him while I was out as we will say he was a little bit adventurous when left unsupervised lol. He did spend every night in my bed with Missy and I always trying to either dig under the sheets or at least be as close to me as he could. I was recently out of work due to an injury so both dogs got much deserved extra attention.
Please know he was happy and loved till the end.”

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