Goodbye to JoJo

JoJo was adopted from us as a senior, and struggled with health issues created by a life of neglect. She was lucky enough to be adopted into an amazing mom with a caring and compassionate family who spend their days spoiling her. When she passed away due to health issues her mama told us this:

“After a lifetime of misery we did our best to squeeze as much love as we could into our four months with this sweet angel. We learned that JoJo loved her ears, belly, chin, back and butt rubbed. She loved hot dogs but only if we weren’t trying to hide medicine in them. She loved snuggling in the corner of the couch, especially if there was a warm blanket to make a nest out of. JoJo enjoyed pancake Sundays and she especially loved her nickname, JoJo Snuggle Pants. The only thing greater than all the things she loved, was our love for JoJo. If only we had found her sooner. ❤️💔”

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