Adopt a Rescued Dog and Save Another from Euthanasia

Most of our dogs are rescued from High Kill shelters in and around the Southern and Mid-West states. We also take in dogs who have been rescued from puppy mills, strays, and local owner surrenders. These dogs are all headed for either the gas chambers, heart stick, or other euthanasia methods. We are an all volunteer rescue; one of the largest in the New England area.   In 2013, we rescued over 850 dogs and adopted over 750 dogs to loving, caring homes but some remain in our rescue in foster care which is why we need YOU!

We are so grateful to all of our wonderful adopters for wanting to open your homes and hearts to these dogs that were likely heading for death. Our adopters are the real “heroes” in rescue because without you we could not continue to rescue these special dogs.  Our main goal is to make the best possible match between the dog and the adopter. ‘Adoption is not on a first come first serve basis’. Please be aware that we do require an application, veterinary references and we do HOME VISITS BEFORE placing our dogs.