Bear has relaxed!

Bear (aka Beabear updateux) most likely spent his life in a cage. When his foster mom picked him up from transport, he was so scared he just stood frozen. He sat on her lap on the ride to his furever home, and After about 15 minutes he finally stopped shaking. She offered water but he wouldn’t take any. hen he arrived at his new mom’s in her lovely apartment and she was all prepared with toys and food. We gave Bear a bath and after he was dry put him on the floor. He immediately hid under a chair. For 48 hours he would not pee or poop, but he did eat and drink up a storm. He had to be carried everywhere and didn’t like a leash on him.

His foster and his new mom talked many times, and she was determined not to give up on this little guy! For a a time he didn’t bark and she thought perhaps his vocal chords had been cut. About a week later, he found his voice! With her loving care he has adjusted beautifully. Here is her most recent email.

“Bear is now house trained and walking on a lease.   He barks and plays with his toys.   He even has a favorite spot in the house as you can see from the pic below.   

Just to let you know he is no longer afraid of the sound of cars going by or other people on the sidewalk.   I think he is well adjusted to his new home.

The vet wanted him to gain weight and have a shiny coat so Bear is eating wet and dry food.  Well, hope you can share with the others saving these dogs.”