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Read about our successful dog adoptions…

Ashley is wonderful!

Ashley is doing wonderful! You wouldn’t believe that the little pup that was so car sick before has now made 2 trips to upstate New York to see Grandma with no problems. She now weighs 32 pounds. Loves her daily walks at the park up the road and still gets along just great with the other 2 fur babies in the house. She has been completely housebroken for well over 6 months and the crate has been put away. She now sleeps in the bed with us despite the fact she has 3 beds to choose from (because I work 3 nights a week she used those eyes to con daddy into it). I can never thank you enough for rescuing her so she could get to us

Jada is a doll!

Just sending a little update and some photos of Jada girl …. She is doing great and loving life, gaining weight and relaxing living the retired doggie dream ! She follows me everywhere and I love kissing her nose and rubbing my fave in her neck ! Cocoa and her are growing on each other as she is trusting him more and more each day …… She loves to play with toys and she loves breakfast and dinner time lol she has gained such a wonderful healthy appetite ! Now that she is getting used to be in her home she has ventured to work with me once and to the vet and just recently we went to Home Depot and she did amazing ! Not once did she seem stressed out or panicking not knowing where she is …… She is an absolute doll and we just love her so much3

The Amazing Ting!

Ting, our beautiful three legged 1Pomeranian, hasn’t stopped smiling since the day he was rescued. He stole everyone’s heart in foster care and was adopted by a family who adores him as much as we do. Today he’s living the good life and his smile is even wider!

Mabel is just perfect!

IMG_3546We adopted Mabel (Roxy) in September after becoming interested in another dog on the site. The people at FOHA steered us toward Mabel as a better match for our family and they were right. She adjusted to our family right away and is doing so great. She is taking obedience classes with us and is a smarty pants. As the holidays approach she is very social and likes to wear her cozy sweaters. We can’t believe what perfect dog she is for our family. Thank you for helping us find the right first dog for us.

Princess Peggy Sue!

IMG_20151030_114425_322Happy Halloween from my little Egyptian princesses – Peggy Sue (FOHA alum, on the left) and sister Lucy. They weren’t crazy about dressing up, but they tolerated it for their mom (and a cookie!). We celebrated Peggy Sue’s 5th gotcha day at the end of September. She was a stray from Texas and came to us with pretty serious fear aggression issues, but we knew that we had the commitment, unconditional love and patience needed to help her. I’m happy to report that Peggy Sue is doing great! We still work on positive reinforcement every day, but she has come such a long way and we’re so proud of her. It has been such a rewarding journey. We love our little snuggle bug more than anything in the world. Thank you for completing our family!

Emilio is a joy!

oct 2015 d Emilio is the light and joy of my life.  His expressions are priceless!  He has both my husband and me wrapped around his paw.  But his sister, Millie (the schnauzer pictured) has probably enjoyed him the most.  They play for hours.  Okay, so maybe she doesn’t love Emilio so much when he takes whatever she is chewing on.  But they truly have bonded well.

Thank you for all you have done to bring Emilio into our lives.  And, special than you to the foster mom, Julie.  She did a wonderful job with my boy!

Goose is loved!

I just wanted to share with you that I am in love with this crazy pup. She is home!
She and I are a perfect match. Yes, she is a puppy and has a bounty of energy, but this is to be expected. What I can’t get over is how much she has relaxed since she arrived less than 2 weeks ago. Within, I’d say, the first 4 days she had chilled out at home and on the leash. She must have received some training somewhere as she listens very well (when not distracted). She comes and sits, even outside off leash. We have our work cut out for us as I very much believe in everyone having and understanding boundaries in order to live a freer life, but she is doing very well.
She is gentle and loving and great around kids and loving around all people we encounter on the street. I take her to a dog run to have her blow it out in the morning and once home she is calm and just settles down to nap. Even at the dog run she checks in frequently to make sure I am still there.
I am so happy we have found each other and thrilled this has worked so well.
And I also want to add that Joyce, her foster mom, has been terrific! Unbelievably helpful and supportive. She is a saint to do what she does and has been an inspiration.
Goosey loved her and I know misses her and all the other dogs and kids, but we will go back for visits. Joyce and I have been in steady touch.
Thank you for your organization and all the good work you do. And thank you for trusting me with this little one. She is in a good home and here to stay!goose

Milo has hit the jackpot!

mikoThis is our beautiful boy Milo, formerly known as Skylar. Milo was adopted on May 5, 2015 and has brought endless amounts of joy in to our lives. Milo now lives in a beautiful coastal town north of Boston. This amazing little dog has the best personality, he is funny, playful, mischievous and loves road trips. One of his favorite pass times is going to the off-leash dog beach near our home, digging holes, running free and chasing seagulls. We are forever grateful to FOHA for allowing us to adopt Milo, we plan to love him and spoil him for the rest of his life.

Asher is a blessing!

Thank you so much in making it possible for us to adopt JP.  We renamed him Asher which means “happiness” or “a blessing”, which he certainly is!  He is so smart and playful.  Also, he passed his first exam with our vet with flying colors.  He loves us and we love him.  This is definitely his forever home!IMG_4313