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Read about our successful dog adoptions…

Niko is the king of the house!

This is Niko, formerly “Frenchy” . We adopted him in August of 2013 from a Petsmart event in Warwick, RI, and he quickly became the king of our house. My mom has been begging me to send in a photo of Niko to tell you guys how great he is doing. While Niko is perfectly happy laying around the house all day, preferably next to the heater, he also LOVES playing fetch and running around. We think he would be a great agility dog. I included one picture of Niko with his new cousin, Shea, a hound mix, that my sister adopted from another rescue about a month ago. We recently took a road trip together to visit family in NY which proved to be a real bonding session for the two of them. Niko loves teaching Shea everything about being a dog, including how to bark loud and jump up onto the table while no one is looking, which we are working to stop. Although Niko wasn’t with the FOHA for too long, I believe about a month, I thank you guys so much for all that you do, and I love to follow all of your stories and events. I thought I would include a few of my favorite photos of Niko to show you guys just how great he is doing!

Thanks again for all that you do!CODY!

Marley is happy!

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Marley has settled in nicely, and is doing great!  As you can see from the attached pix, he isn’t spoiled too much.  🙂

We have a pretty established schedule now, with time in his crate for housetraining purposes (and our work purposes!) in our home office, play and lots of trips outside for “business.”  He is doing really, really well with the house training; I think we have only had one accident in more than a week.  He is a super smart dog.  Leaving his dry food out for him all day is working just fine; he eats when he is hungry and gets good treats anyway when we do training.  He was up to 5.8 pounds at this week’s vet visit.

Marley has been to the vet twice now, and is now all set with his vaccinations including lyme and bordetella.  I passed on the Lepto vaccine as I have read too many scary stories about small dogs and violent reactions to the vaccine.

He has had his nails cut, gotten a bath (which he seemed to love!)  and is getting used to having his teeth brushed.

We have had fires in our living room the last couple nights and he absolutely LOVES laying right out in front.  Apparently he is happiest when his core temperature is high!

Thanks again for all that you do,marley collage

Derek loves life!

I wanted to give you an update on Derek (previously Hopper), adopted on 2/8/2014.  As you can see from the picture below, he’s happy and healthy and enjoying his life.  Derek is the friendliest dog ever and he loves everyone in the world, including Santa.

Image 1We picked Derek up in February from a loving foster home in RI.  He was housetrained from the start, a good eater, a great athlete, and a perfect companion.   We enrolled him in a couple of training classes at the MSPCA and he  did well, being the smart and food-motivated pooch that he is.  He has energy and enthusiasm for everything we do, but he’s also a super cuddly couch potato and sleeps like a log.  He is perfect!

Thank you for your role in bringing Derek into our lives.  We will always be grateful you saved him.

Princess Clover!

“Clover is a wonderful (!) dog.  We LOVE her so much!  We are so very thankful that you and the friends of homeless animals fostered her and rescued her from whatever awful life she had before.  She is truly a good little soul in a small dog’s body.  She has so much love to give.

Clover is very sweet in nature and temperament.  She comes when called and if we are in the yard (not fenced), she sticks right by us.  We only use a leash if we leave the yard and walk near the street or if we go somewhere.  She never poops or pees in the house, never chews anything and rarely barks.  We didn’t think she could bark until about two months ago when she barked for the first time to alert us to someone at the front door before they rang the bell.  Now the only time she barks is to alert us to the presence of someone on the property.  Good dog!  She still likes to sit on top of the cushions on the back of the couch like she did at your house.  She is such a princess!

Our 12 year old daughter Kathryn is quite the dog trainer.  Thanks to her, Clover now can sit, stay, shake a paw, stand on her hind legs and do a circle, catch a treat in her mouth before it hits the floor, lie down and roll over.  Clover can also select a toy from her toy basket, then we throw it, and she will bring it back and leave it in front of us.  She can also catch the toy in the air, in her mouth if we throw it upward.  Clover is “wicked smaht”.   : )

She sleeps in Kathryn’s bed, under the covers of course, every night, or in our bed if Kathryn is not home.  She gets along well with our 2 guinea pigs.  They touch noses to greet each other!   So cute!  The library in our town allows dogs.  So we always take Clover with us.  Everyone who works at the library knows her name.  We bring dog treats and hand them out to people to give to her.  Clover thinks a library is a place where dogs go to get treats!  She has no idea about getting books there.  Ha ha.

I will close by saying I LOVE THIS DOG SO MUCH!!!  Thank you and the lady in CT who fostered her for a year, and FOHA for bringing her to us.”

Dillon has a home!

MImage 3y husband and I adopted Dillon almost 3 weeks ago. I just wanted to send you this email to say thank you very much for connecting us with him. In the almost 3 weeks that we’ve had him, he’s brought so much joy to our lives! He’s such a happy and energetic puppy and he sure has grown a lot!  I’m so happy he’s a part of our home and family and cannot begin to express how much I love him!

Sweet Missy!

missy 11:26Missy is doing excellent. Kevin & I are constantly blown away at how incredibly sweet she is…..she smothers us with “hugs” and kisses constantly. We are still working on not chasing the cats but we’re getting there slowly but surely. I often take her to visit my mother at the assisted living facility and she sits on my mother’s lap and lets everyone pat her. When I don’t bring her, people ask for her.

Oscar is in love!

Just wanted to send you an update on Oscar (formerly Riko from PA).

Oscar is doing very well.  He and his Frenchie sister Lilly have

really bonded and are good friends.  Oscar loves the car and going to

daycare.  His best friend at daycare is a huge Great Dane puppy.  He

is a sweet old guy who likes routine.  He starts asking for dinner

about an hour ahead of schedule and doesn’t rest until he has licked

his bowl clean.  He has some accidents in the house, but nothing we

can’t deal with.  He likes to sleep on a king size pillow and under

the blankets.  This old man has brought more love to our home that I

could have ever imagined.  Thank you for all the work you do in

getting sweet dogs like Oscar in homes where they can be spoiled and

loved.Image 3

Quincy is perfect!

Just wanted to give you an update. Mr Quincy is perfect, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog! His vet let me know today that he is in great health for an 11 year old.

We’ve nicknamed him potato head : ) You told me he was as easy as taking care of a potato, but he is anything but a quiet potato : ) He is into everything all the time! I found him standing on his back legs pushing his food container into the living room from the kitchen. He is just a constant joy!!

Image 6

Misty is thriving!

I thought I would send you a 6 month update on Misty.  She is in a word THRIVING!  Although she ended up having 4 teeth extracted when she had her dental she still managed to gain 7 pounds and is no longer frail but a happy healthy 18 pounds.  She and Peanut (my other FOHA fur baby) spend a lot of time rumbling and wrestling.  She loves being outside – whether taking walks, playing chase with her canine siblings, laying in the sun or just following me around while I work in the yard.  She has become my little shadow.  Although her adoption was spur of the moment- I only went to PetSmart that day to return your gloves but ended up walking out with a skinny senior sporting a St. Patrick’s Day green Mohawk-I have never regretted her adoption for a second.  You were right she is a good fit for my little pack and I definitely feel she was meant to be a member of my family.Image