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This page is a tribute to honor the angels that were part of our rescue and are now at the rainbow bridge.

Goodbye to Violet

Our beautiful Violet passed away after a brief battle with heart failure, and her mom is absolutely heartbroken. She was adopted back in 2010 and had 11 wonderful years where she was spoiled and pampered, and this shy girl came out of her shell and lived an amazing life. We know how well she was cared for and how much for mama loved her, and we send her mom our love and condolences.

Goodbye to Hank

Friends, we got the sad news today that alumni Hank, the sweetest, silliest boy in the world, passed away after a brief battle with lymphoma. His family is absolutely heartbroken. He spent the last 5 1/2 years in the most loving home, and he was able to forget his years of neglect and to know what it meant to be loved and treasured. His family told us “Hank came into our lives when our family had so much sadness, and Hank lifted
up everyone’s spirit around him on a daily basis.”

Goodbye to Penny

Friends, we just got the sad news that our beautiful alumni Penny has passed away. She was with us quite a long time ago, and found herself a family who adored her and gave her the life we hope for all of our dogs. Our love and thoughts go out to Penny’s family, who today told us this:
“She came to us 10 years ago and was our first dog as a married couple. She had been with us through everything and I can’t picture life with out her. She was ALWAYS the best dog. Smart, affectionate, incredibly well-behaved, and loyal to the end. She had the nickname Perfect Penny, because she was truly perfect in every way.
Last October she was diagnosed with lymphoma and we were told it spread to her spleen, stomach, and intestines. They gave her a month to live. If I didnt know she was sick, I wouldnt have ever suspected it. She acted just fine til last Friday when she started going down hill fast. She held on as long as she could, but it was obvious that she was telling us that she was ready to go.”

Goodbye to Pepe

Pepe was adopted from us as a special-needs senior, he was deaf as a doornail but full of love for his forever dad and still able to go absolutely bananas when he saw a ball. He was able to find a forever home with furry friends and a dad who loved him unconditionally, he spent his last months on a farm with so much to sniff and explore. We are very confident that Pepe spent the best days of his life after he was adopted, and we sent his dad our love and condolences.

Goodbye to Bubbles

Our beautiful alumni Bubbles has passed away. She was adopted from us a few years ago after being given away by an owner who no longer wanted her, a senior dog with an enormous mass on her belly. She was never a candidate for surgery, but we felt that Bubbles was just as deserving of a loving home as any puppy was, and thank goodness we found wonderful parents who felt exactly the same way.
Bubbles spent the happiest years of her life with the family that loved her when she needed it most. We want to thank them for their compassion and kindness, and we know how much they miss this special girl.

Goodbye to Gaspar

Sweet Gaspar came to us as a little old man, a 15-year-old blind senior who still had plenty of life left to live. He was lucky enough to be adopted by an angel on earth they gave him truly the happiest 15 months of his life. He passed away in the arms of the man who loved him dearly, instead of alone in a shelter. We are blessed that he found such a wonderful home.

Goodbye to Fleur

Our little Fleur came to us as an unclaimed stray in Mississippi. She was a gentle, sweet blind senior girl who must’ve been terrified to be wandering alone. She had some excellent foster care, and was adopted by a kind soul who gave her the very best days of her life. Fleur passed away peacefully in the arms of her mama.

Goodbye to Sparta

Sparta has passed away after he suffered a severe and irreversible neurological event and was rushed to the hospital where he died in the arms of the foster mom loved him and made his final days so comfortable.
Sparta was so young, no more than a year or so old. He looked absolutely perfect on the outside but his central nervous system was so damaged by poor breeding. We did our best to try to help him, but there was no medications or treatments that could control his symptoms. We know how committed his foster mom was, we give her our love, thanks, and condolences.

Goodbye to Maggie

Alumni Maggie, the beautiful red and white Boston girl, has died of complications of congestive heart failure. She was adopted over seven years ago as a scared puppy mill survivor, and with loving parents and a doggy brother she adored, she thrived and blossomed into a happy little girl. Her brother Charlie was a few years older than her and he died just four days ago, and her parents tell us that and Maggie missed him terribly and declined very quickly. Our hearts are broken for her parents to lose both of their beautiful dogs within just four days! We send them our love and condolences.

Goodbye to Roscoe

Roscoe was adopted in 2013 by a family who adored him! He had the best of care and made friends everywhere he went. He passed away from complications of spinal cord disease, and his parents are heartbroken. We feel very confident that he spent the best years of his life in his forever home.