Goodbye to Brandy

It is with a heavy heart that Brandy’s time with us has come to an end. Brandy Alexander was returned to FOHA by his adopters back in 2009 when he was having seizures and the adoptive family didn’t want him. He became my furever foster and turns out, he was meant to be mine. Brandy Alexander aka: Brando, Brandyman, Brandy Claus, Brandy Boi, Brando the Mando was a funny old man. He was “8-10 years old” when I got him, and his vet records said he was born 1998! He lived a good life (well the 7 years he was with me he did!) Brando enjoyed the simple things in life…a soft cushy bed, carrying around his tennis ball, chewies, antlers and pigs ears. He was spoiled as he often received special homemade (people food) dinners the other dogs envied (and eyeballed!) He was a stinky old man, with bad breath and bad teeth but had a smile that could light up a room. He had quite the collection of sweaters over the years, that dapper gentleman. One of his more memorable characteristics was his crunked up cashew toenail. A lesson from Brandy I will always keep with me was that no matter how bad life gets, how bad you feel, or how sick he was, he was always smiling with his big, goofy grin. I love you Brand. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge, spend your days in cushy beds, chasing balls and smiling!brando