Goodbye to Nibbler

Kody  AKA Nibbler spent 10 wonderful years with his forever mom before passing away from natural causes. Here’s what she told us.

kodybt“I am sad of course but I am writing to tell you HE LIVED A WONDERFUL LIFE! He had an amazing 10 years with me! He always came to work with me (at the animal hospital), he played with other dogs, he slept under the covers and chewed stuffy toys… he loved visitors (human or otherwise) and made canine friends. Other than his rough start in life, he had zero health problems for most of his life! When he took sick and i knew his time on earth was limited- I spoiled the heck out of him! Pizza crusts, doggy ice cream, cheese… anything he wanted. He was THE HAPPIEST BOY right up until the day he died. I actually have a video of him running wild around the hospital from 2 days before he died. He never knew he was sick and just loved life up until the very end! Bless his heart! i wish all dogs could be so lucky. And I could not be more thankful that he was a well behaved, compassionate, therapeutic fuzz-butt. He was a good listener and a good cuddler.

So I am thanking you for the opportunity to have had this little guy in my life, and letting you know that it was a life well lived!”