Goodbye to Penny

Friends, we just got the sad news that our beautiful alumni Penny has passed away. She was with us quite a long time ago, and found herself a family who adored her and gave her the life we hope for all of our dogs. Our love and thoughts go out to Penny’s family, who today told us this:
“She came to us 10 years ago and was our first dog as a married couple. She had been with us through everything and I can’t picture life with out her. She was ALWAYS the best dog. Smart, affectionate, incredibly well-behaved, and loyal to the end. She had the nickname Perfect Penny, because she was truly perfect in every way.
Last October she was diagnosed with lymphoma and we were told it spread to her spleen, stomach, and intestines. They gave her a month to live. If I didnt know she was sick, I wouldnt have ever suspected it. She acted just fine til last Friday when she started going down hill fast. She held on as long as she could, but it was obvious that she was telling us that she was ready to go.”