Goose is loved!

I just wanted to share with you that I am in love with this crazy pup. She is home!
She and I are a perfect match. Yes, she is a puppy and has a bounty of energy, but this is to be expected. What I can’t get over is how much she has relaxed since she arrived less than 2 weeks ago. Within, I’d say, the first 4 days she had chilled out at home and on the leash. She must have received some training somewhere as she listens very well (when not distracted). She comes and sits, even outside off leash. We have our work cut out for us as I very much believe in everyone having and understanding boundaries in order to live a freer life, but she is doing very well.
She is gentle and loving and great around kids and loving around all people we encounter on the street. I take her to a dog run to have her blow it out in the morning and once home she is calm and just settles down to nap. Even at the dog run she checks in frequently to make sure I am still there.
I am so happy we have found each other and thrilled this has worked so well.
And I also want to add that Joyce, her foster mom, has been terrific! Unbelievably helpful and supportive. She is a saint to do what she does and has been an inspiration.
Goosey loved her and I know misses her and all the other dogs and kids, but we will go back for visits. Joyce and I have been in steady touch.
Thank you for your organization and all the good work you do. And thank you for trusting me with this little one. She is in a good home and here to stay!goose