Jackson’s perfect family!

Noah and I wanted to say thank you for bringing Jackson (formerly Charlie) into our lives. He is the most wonderful dog we could imagine, and we are so completely thrilled that he is part of our family.

Since we brought him home last Monday, he has brought countless hours of joy to us (and all our friends!). He is so affectionate and well-behaved, and has adjusted beautifully to life in the city. He has made lots of new dog and human friends, and is great with the little kids in the neighborhood.

We have enjoyed bringing him to outdoor restaurants, where he happily greets our friends and then falls asleep in their laps. At our community garden, there is plenty of space for him to roam and play fetch, and it is such a delight to see him so playful and energetic.

He is the perfect dog for us, and we know we will have many happy years with him. Thank you for giving him (and all his siblings!) such a wonderful start in life. We are so grateful.unnamed