Lady loves kisses!

Lady is doing great. Her skin has improved a little but she is more alert and moving. She does’nt sleep as much. She is such a love bug I cannot stop kissing her. She sleeps cuddled up against my husband. She gets along great with Sophie, Annie, Lucy and even my sons cat. She ignores everyone, but me and peter. She really does not play but loves her cookies and her bed.
Sophie tries to play with her but no dice, it is so funny. She used to nip at me when we would kiss her but she does not do that anymore she lets us kiss her like crazy. She is very spoiled and pampered. I am trying to fatten her up but it is a slow process. I have pictures of annie and lady in the same bed together sleeping it is so cute. Lady tolerates alot. I will send as soon as I figure out how to. When she looks at you with the beautiful eyes you just melt and have to kiss her and kiss her some more. Thanks for saving her for me.
She also has some stylish little sweaters, she shivers alot and that means we just have to hug and kiss her some more to keep her warm.