Resources for Pet Parents


The importance of a quality diet isn’t just for people, it’s for our dogs too:

Do you stand in the food aisle of the pet store and wonder which brand is the best quality?  Which brands have the most grain-free options?  Which brands use animal byproducts?  Dog food reviews of nearly every brand on the market and rated 1-5 stars:

The Raw Diet: you’ve heard of it, you get the idea, it seems interesting!  Now how do you feed your dog a raw diet?  Here’s great step-by-step advice for those starting out:

You may be able to eat guacamole with a spoon, but to your dog, it’s poison.  Here is the HSUS’ list of dangerous foods to our pets:

Make sure your garden isn’t dangerous to your dog, here is a list of poisonous plants:


Did you know that a homeowner may face legal action if their dog bites a human or another dog? It’s important to have adequate insurance to cover any unforeseen accidents or incidents, but not every insurance company is the same. This gives some good suggestions about how to minimize the likelihood of civil action against a dog owner, and how to choose the right insurance company:

Why does Fluffy bark, why does Fido mark?  Common behavioral problems explained so hopefully you and your dog can breach the language barrier—and bonus, you can stop cleaning up urine:

An excellent page for guidance on a number of different behavior problems that dog owners sometimes encounter:

The crate is not a prison and shouldn’t be for punishment, actually to your dog it can be the safest place in the house.  In the wild wolves use dens for shelter and protection, and you can turn a crate into the same safe area for your pup.  The benefits of crate training explained, and how to make the crate a positive place:

Although dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years, and no doubt our histories are forever intertwined, we still speak different languages.  We communicate more verbally but a dog uses mostly body language.  What do your body movements say to your pup?  Deciphering canine language – It’s all in the body:


You know you need to walk the dog—both human and canine need the exercise!  But what if it’s raining or snowy and neither of you want to step outside?  What if you have no yard?  Exercise and ways to do it, besides the important, bonding walk:

Are you and your pup a jet setter?  Planning a vacation with the entire family, two-legged and four?  Or do you just want to stroll downtown and see what pet-friendly places you can stop at.  Travel Guides for you and your pet for the US and beyond:

Health & Care

Not all household products are safe for our pets! Do your homework and learn what hazardous items may be lurking right in your own home, and learn to make safer choices in household cleaning products:

Looking for a more holistic approach to your pet’s health?  Natural home remedies for common health issues:

We all face health issues as we get older, and your dog will too.  Many concerns of elderly people are the same for elderly dogs.  Here are some common health concerns in older dogs:

Want to DIY?  Basic grooming techniques:

Struggling to pay vet bills or handle an unexpected health crisis? Check out these resources-

Are you financially in a position to adopt a dog? This handy calculator breaks down the lifetime cost of owning a dog or cat!

Dental problems and dogs can lead to other serious health issues and pause a whole lot of suffering if left untreated. Do you know how to care for your dogs dental needs?

An extensive library of information about health related topics for our dogs can be found on