About FOHA

On March 17, Roie was a guest on a local radio talk show.   Listen here to get more information on FOHA.


Roie Griego, Founder and President of FOHA

My name is Roie Griego and I am the President of FOHA.  My husband, Henry and I have been married over thirty years and he is very supportive of all my rescue work.  We are owned by 2 rescued Boston Terriers named Riley and Ria.  We both grew up around Bostons and love them with a passion.     Most of my life I have been doing rescue in one form or another.   For 25 plus years I have been involved in more formal rescue work which has resulted in saving countless animals – into the many, many thousands.  My love for animals is what prompted me to engage in all these rescue activities.  My education is in the environmental field with an emphasis on animals and education. My rescue experiences besides with Boston Terriers have included work with the Cousteau Society, Audubon Society, Dallas Zoo, National Marine Life, the founding of our Mexico rescue branch (in 1996), as well as lots of others.    In Texas I was the head of the North TX BT Rescue for many years. When I moved back to the Northeast in 1999, I became the rescue chair for the Boston Terrier Tea Party.  From there Doris Baker and I started A2Z Adoption around 2000, and I was the president.  We then changed our rescue in 2004 to Friends of the Animals in Massachusetts, then in Aug 2007 to FOHA in Rhode Island. Most of the work was done by a few volunteers along with myself.  Doris has always been our treasurer, a great volunteer and a dear friend.   FOHA works tirelessly to help Boston Terriers and other small breeds as our  resources permit.  We are known for taking the dogs no one else will take.  It is my great honor to work hard to help save these special animals that  have no voice and can not fend for themselves.  A special thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that help FOHA – you are special angels to  these dogs in need.