Interested in adopting?

Important information about adoption

Some dogs are fostered locally & some are a fostered away from New England and need to be transported. Because we do not have facilities, all of the dogs are in individual foster homes. We rescue our dogs all across the country and often times we do not have enough foster homes locally. When that happens, we must let the dogs stay close to where we rescued them until we can find a permanent home or available foster home in the Northeast. We do have a paid ground transport which can transport the dogs to the northeast. Transport runs to the Northeast weekly and our transport providers are certified and regulated by the USDOT & USDA.

Why We Request a Donation for Adoptions

We are often asked, “Why would you charge so much for a rescue pet? Why not just place it in a good home?”

The answer is because we need adopters who are willing to support ALL rescue pets, not just the dog they adopt. A young, healthy dog might cost us $150-400 in discounted vet care, and many people will want to adopt it. An older dog with health issues can easily cost $500-1500 in veterinary expenses, and it may require months of foster care for rehabilitation; yet we can only ask a minimal adoption fee. It may be a long time until anyone comes forward to adopt him/her. Fees from the younger, more adoptable dogs help offset the cost of caring for the others. We will refund $50 to all adopters who complete a training course with their newly adopted dog!

We always hope our adopters don’t think of the adoption donation as anything more than their contribution to paying it forward, and giving us the ability to help save another dog. 100% of donations go to run the rescue and help save the lives of orphaned dogs.

We work hard to keep donations costs to a minimum, but since we are not subsidized by a benefactor or government agency, FOHARI pays the vet costs out of our operating budget.

Please try to understand that it is very expensive to get a dog spayed/neutered, updated on all shots, heart worm tested, fecal tested, wormed, give them monthly heart worm medication, flea & tick medicines, etc. We also often have to provide special surgeries, medical treatments, etc. to some of the dogs in our care.

If you think our donation fee is high, please contact your vet and price out all those items listed above to see what it would cost. We think you’ll agree that our adoption donations are not out of line based on the health of the dog you are getting.

We sometimes can offer discounted donations for senior people, senior dogs, dogs with special medical needs, pairs, special circumstances, etc., please ask us – we will be happy to work with great adopters.

Your local shelters are able to offer somewhat lower fees as they are subsidized – so please visit them and adopt a dog there if our donation amounts are not in your budget. Thank you caring and wanting to adopt a rescued dog.



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