The Adoption Process


  • Go to our website and select a dog or dogs you are interested in.
  • ALL dogs are in foster homes as we do NOT have a shelter where you can visit. Some dogs are local & some are far away.  If the initials following the dogs’ name are a state, then that is the state where the dog is located. If initials are not a state, then those are the initials of the foster home outside of New England you will not be able to meet the dog ahead of time.
  • Complete our online application
  • You can submit an app without a deposit, but we do not process any apps unless we receive a deposit since we are all volunteers and do not have the manpower to process all the apps we receive.
  • If the dog is local, you can meet the dog with just an online application and NO deposit, but you would not be able to take the dog home until you are approved. Please be respectful of foster people as they are all volunteers with lives and busy schedules.
  • Make a deposit to hold the dog while we process your application:      E-mail address to use for PayPal is:
  • Once we receive your deposit, we will remove the dog from the website & hold for you while we check your references so please let them know we will be contacting them. If your references are OK, we will schedule a home visit by a volunteer.
  • Please try to accommodate the home visit volunteer as most have busy schedules.  Delays in the visit will result in a delay in the adoption.
  • Once you are approved, you will receive an e-mail with your adoption contract attached. This e-mail will have details about pick up, donations owed, etc.
  • Please fax your signed & witnessed contract and pay your donation in full – preferably on Paypal or you will NOT be able to pick up your dog.
  • Once you have paid your donation and faxed or scanned back your contract, you can make arrangement to pick up your dog from the foster home or from transport whichever is the case.
  • Our extensive approval process is intended to ensure the best fit between our dogs and adopters.  Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) reserves the right to deny any adoption application with or without disclosure of cause.

If we can not get the dog you are interested in, your deposit is refunded.
If you are not approved to adopt, your deposit is refunded.
IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND FOR ANY REASON, YOUR DEPOSIT IS NOT REFUNDED! If any of the information is found to be falsified, your deposit is not refunded.
Normally we do not process applications unless you select a specific dog and make a deposit of $200 as we are all volunteers and limited resources – your deposit tells us you are serious and ready to adopt.

Your donation helps to cover the cost of all age appropriate vetting and transportation. FOHARI.ORG makes no explicit or implicit guarantees in reference to the health, temperament and/or the breed of the dog. The dog is adopted ‘as is’, and the adopter assumes all responsibility for treatment of any and all existing conditions or any other conditions of physical or temperament changes that may occur. FOHARI.ORG will provide the dog with the basic vaccines, heart worm test and sterilization before adoption if the age and current health of the dog permits. While FOHARI.ORG makes every effort to place only healthy animals, FOHARI.ORG cannot guarantee the health of any animal, and shall not be held responsible for any medical expenses that may be incurred. Rescuer will provide information received from the veterinarian exam, observations on the temperament of the animal and a best guess of the breed. 
Friends of Homeless Animals Inc. (FOHA)


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